Fiddle Rentals

We have a small number of fiddles available for rent at and after our workshops and other programs.


First-timers: Try this on for size!  Fiddles may be available for use at our workshops for free.  At the end of the workshop, if you're sold on the joys of fiddling, we can set you up with a rental. 

Fiddle Sizes

As children grow, they require progressive fiddle sizes to suit their arm length and overall comfort while learning.  While age helps to estimate the size a child may need, the best way is to measure their arm length.  To do so, hold the child's arm straight out and to the side, and measure from the side of their neck to their wrist.  Use this age & measurement chart as a guide.

4-6 years 16" - 17" 1/8
5-7 years 18" - 19" 1/4
7-9 years 20" - 21" 1/2
9-12 years 21" - 22" 3/4
12+ years 22" + 4/4 (full)

Availability & Fees

We currently hold a limited stock of fiddles at various sizes (see above).  Fiddles are rented on a first come, first serve basis.  We cannot guarantee availability prior to our workshops and programs; however, we will do our best to accommodate all requests.  Alternatively, Fiddles & Stix also rents fiddles.

Current rental fees are $20 per month, plus a refundable deposit of $100. Fees may be paid on a month-to-month basis. [Last updated January 2023]


We will gladly accept your old fiddles and fiddling gear! We currently see a need for 3/4 and 4/4 (full) fiddles. Contact us today to arrange a pick-up!


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