This is a growing list of tunes we play, with the keys in which we enjoy playing. Some may be written in another key in books, or played in another key by your favourite fiddlers.

Sheet music and audio file credits to Calvin Cairns, Rod Olstad, BC Kitchen Party, Montreal Session Tunebook, and the Prairie Mountain Fiddlers. All resources have been reproduced with permission or are considered to be in the public domain. Please contact AFS immediately if you believe a resource has been reproduced unlawfully or in error.

First-Time Exercises

Cabbages A


Open String Blues C
Pingo Push A  


Beginner Tunes

Cajun Two-Step A  
Cripple Creek A reel  
Liza Jane A reel
Old Joe Clark A reel
Rubber Dolly A reel
Short Bow Jig D jig  
Skittles at Buckley Bay A reel

Intermediate Tunes

100 Pipers
A jig
Amazing Grace A  
Cock of the North A jig
Curly Hair A reel
Faded Love D  
Flop Eared Mule D 1 2
Gigue des Sucres G jig
Johnny's Gone to France Em  
Joys of Quebec A reel
Leprechaun Song D
Mairi's Wedding G polka
Old Red Barn G jig
Over the Waterfall D reel
Patrick's Reel Em reel  
Pelican Reel Em reel
Redwing G
Riley's Reel Em reel  
Road to Lisdoonvarna Em jig
Spotted Pony D reel  
Swallowtail Jig Em jig
Tennessee Waltz D waltz  
Waltz Quadrille
D waltz

When Stella Smiles

D waltz  

Advanced Tunes

Ashokan Farewell D
Aurora Waltz D waltz  
Big John McNeill A reel
Black Velvet Waltz C waltz
Chinese Breakdown D reel  
Dennis Murphy's Polka D polka
Devil's Dream A reel
Donald Cameron's Polka G polka  
Gilbert Anderson's Road Song G reel  
How are you Today? A jig
Hut on Staffen Island D
John Ryan's Polka D polka
Liberty Two-Step D two-step
Loggieville Two-step D two-step
Maple Sugar A reel
Polar Bear Jig G jig  
Reel de St. Antoine
A reel
Sherbrooke Reel G reel
Sourgrass and Granite D waltz
St. Anne's Reel D reel  
Tear Drop Waltz D waltz  
Westfalia Waltz G waltz  
Whiskey Before Breakfast D reel  

Recent Workshop Tunes

February 2014
November 2013
Caribou Reel Em reel
Kesh Jig jig  
September 2013
Gigue des Sucres G jig
Glise de Sherbrooke G reel  
St. Patrick's Jig A jig  
Swamp Lake Breakdown G reel  
May 2013
Britches Full of Stitches A reel  
Burnt River Jig D jig  
King George IV Am strathspey  
Set American D reel  
Soldier's Joy D reel  
January 2013
Bonaparte's Retreat D  
Val's Dream Em  
November 2012
A Bunch of Keys ! reel  
Bill Cheatem A reel  
Brian Boru's March Em  
Cliffs of Moher Am jig
Cluck Ol' Hen Am reel
Farewell to Erin    
Old Grey Cat Em  
Reel D'Onion G reel
Road to Lisdoon Varna Em jig  
Saute Du Lapin G reel
West Fork Gals D reel  
September 2012
Bristol Square D jig  
Down Yonder G
Gardebylaaten D reel  
Reel a Pepere reel
Reel de St-Antoine A reel
Spootiskerry G reel
March 2012
Baby Elephant Steps G
Cliffs of Mohr Am jig  
Golden Slippers G reel
Louis Riel Reel Em reel